I’ve been thinking back to earlier times.  I can’t really recall feeling dysphoric or uncomfortable as a child, mainly because I was too far in my mind to suspect a thing.  It was only till I was around eleven or twelve that I began suspecting that I didn’t feel female.  I remember trying to bind my breasts with a belt for a social outing (luckily I ditched that entirely).  I only identified as demiboy recently, and this explains so much.
School is approaching soon.  I so desperately feel like coming out to everyone that I’m not completely a girl, but I’m already trying to keep my sexuality under wraps (kinda failing at the moment). I also want to come out to my parents.
This is gonna take some serious work.
I’m so used to being open on the interwebs.  No one can touch me here.
What if no one takes me seriously?
What if I get kicked out?
I’m so nervous.
Take your time.  Breathe.
Okay, I’m gonna write a letter to my parents and explain to my friends.
It’s gonna be okay…